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Haffey Vap PLLC offers individuals and businesses a range of legal services related to civil litigation and intellectual property matters, including personal injury, insurance litigation and patent and trademark matters. In Missoula and throughout the state of Montana, John and Mitch are known for their dedication to the needs of their clients and aptitude for successful cases. Their backgrounds and experience set them apart. There are few firms that have the combination of John's engineering background and Mitch's healthcare background. Furthermore, John and Mitch are both patent attorneys, of which, there are very few in Montana.

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Together, John Haffey and Mitch Vap have over 25 years of experience in the field. In addition to law degrees and years of legal experience, they have have backgrounds in health care and engineering and they use their expertise to analyze technical issues that come up in personal injury, construction and insurance cases. Haffey and Vap can represent an individual or the insurance company in a case, and this flexibility gives them an understanding of both sides. We leverage technology to provide efficient, cost-effective services and heightened communication with our clients.

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Dear Haffey Vap Clients and Colleagues,

We wanted to reach out during this uncertain time to reassure you that our operations continue as usual through the COVID-19 pandemic.
The health and well-being or our clients, colleagues and community is our top concern.

Our office continues to monitor CDC recommendations
Our infrastructure allows us to continue work on your cases, while exercising precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Below are existing, and additional measures we are taking to continue business as usual and maintain the health of our community:

  • Utilize MyCase secure online platform This allows our office and clients to connect virtually through document sharing, messaging, calendars, and more. If you have not signed into your MyCase account, we urge that you do so at your earliest convenience.
  • Office closed to all outside guests. We ask that during this time that communication continue through phone, email or MyCase messaging. Virtual meetings can be arranged on an as-needed basis.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email with any questions or concerns. Stay safe and we will all get through this.