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Intellectual Property

U.S. Intellectual Property Attorneys Located in Missoula, MT

Haffey Vap PLLC provides intellectual property legal services to clients throughout Montana, and the United States. Whether you are seeking patent, trademark, or copyright protection, an intellectual property attorney can help you through the process. In addition, if you are preparing a licensing agreement or believe somebody else has infringed upon your intellectual property or an agreement, Haffey Vap, PLLC can help.

Please see the list below to learn more about the areas intellectual property where Haffey Vap PLLC can help:


A patent is the primary way inventors in the U.S. protect their inventions from others. But to receive this protection, you must fully disclose the nature of your invention through the patent application process. Haffey Vap PLLC can help you with your patent application


A trademark can help you protect your brand identity, logos and your reputation. Haffey Vap PLLC can offer you an easy way to verify that your trademark is unique, and they can help you register your trademark so that it is protected and that it serves you, and only you, as you grow your business. Beyond registering your trademark, they can also help you protect it should it ever be threatened.

If you would like to learn more about your trademark options, please contact the firm of Haffey Vap PLLC today.


Whether you have created a song, a game, a movie or a piece of jewelry, your hard work and creative expression deserves to be protected. A copyright can offer that protection, giving you exclusive rights to the distribution, copy, modification, public display and public performance of your work. While there are exceptions to the rules surrounding your creative expression, copyright remains one of the fundamental ways to protect it.

Haffey Vap PLLC works with a wide range of clients to register and protect their copyrights. The attorneys have also helped clients to defend themselves against accusations of copyright infringement. Working with inventors, artists, authors and engineers, they have the ability to make sure that the legal protections available to you and your expressions are applied effectively.


When you are trying to build and grow a business, particularly if it is technology based, at some point you may need to explore the idea of licensing intellectual property rights. Reaching a licensing agreement can allow you to extend the reach of your business and often allows you to improve on your existing offering. Of course, like all business deals, a licensing agreement can be extremely beneficial, or extremely damaging. Experienced legal counsel is a necessity to make sure that the agreement protects your interests.

If you are considering a licensing agreement, contact the firm to learn about the options available to you, and to obtain experienced legal counsel that will work hard on your behalf.

Infringement Litigation

Haffey Vap PLLC will work with clients who need to protect their intellectual property from infringement, or who are accused of infringing. The attorneys are experienced litigators, as comfortable in the courtroom as they are at the negotiation table. No matter how minor or how substantial the infringement issue is, they can help ensure that the issue is addressed and that you are afforded all the protection or compensation you are entitled to.